Alcohol is the most commonly used drug nationally and in northwest Hennepin County.

Partnership for Change conducted a review of data related to substance use, particularly alcohol use, among youth and young adults in our region. Click here to view Partnership for Change Epidemiological Profile: A View of Substance Abuse and Prevention in Northwest Hennepin County.

If you want to know more about alcohol, how to prevent use or misuse, or get resources, check out these sites:

Rethinking Drinking: Alcohol and Your Health from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism: For anyone who drinks, this site offers valuable, research-based information. What do you think about your drinking habits and how they may affect your health? Rethinking Drinking can help you get started.

Stop Underage Drinking: This site acts as a portal to a number of sites and resources for preventing underage drinking.

Health Professionals Creating Solutions to Alcohol Abuse: This site is dedicated to promoting physician and community action on alcohol and health. We envision a world where underage alcohol use will be eliminated, and all people will be protected from the negative consequences of alcohol consumption, promotion and distribution.