Parent Toolkits

Drug and Alcohol Prevention Tools for Parents and Other Adult Caregivers

Kids who learn a lot about the risks of drugs and alcohol from their parents are up to 50% less likely to use than those who do not.

What parents say and do has a significant impact on whether or not a teen will choose to use drugs or alcohol. However, parenting teens and having conversations about drugs and alcohol is not easy. The following tools can assist parents and other caregivers in addressing the topic of drugs and alcohol with their child.

Tips for Talking with your Teen, by Partnership for Change

Research shows that teens are much more likely to delay drinking or drug use when they feel they have a close, supportive relationship with a parent or guardian. Conversations, family rules, and monitoring are all good parenting strategies to keep teens safe and healthy. Download Tips For Talking card for specific parenting strategies.

The Parent Toolkit, by The Partnership at Drug Free.org

The Partnership at Drug Free.org translates the science of teen drug use and addiction for families. At drugfree.org, you can find a wealth of information, tools and opportunities to help prevent and get help for drug and alcohol abuse by teens and young adults.


  • Drug Guide for Parents
  • Grandparent’s Guide
  • How to Prevent Drug Use at Every Age
  • Tips for Dads on Talking to Your Teen
  • Prepping for Prom

The Power of Parents, by MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)


  • Why should you care
  • Is your child drinking?
  • Keep your teens safe
  • Handle tough questions
  • Driving smart
  • Social Host (and more here)