• News Release: 2017 data shows deaths continue to rise from opioids, alcohol and suicides in Minnesota. While each of the deaths is an individual tragedy, Minnesota Commissioner of Health Jan Malcolm points to the need to address the trend with community-level solutions. Regarding alcohol, almost 30 Minnesota communities track data as part of Place of Last Drink (POLD). This tool is a database that seeks to identify where a person last consumed alcohol before becoming involved in an alcohol-related incident, such as a DUI or assault. Law enforcement officials then use the information to work with retailers to improve serving practices. Implementing this system, several communities have seen a decrease in driving while intoxicated. (March 18, 2019)
  • Minnesota Senate Judiciary Committee rejects the legalization of recreational marijuana “Teresa Lunt of the group Partnership for Change wasn’t convinced [legalization] is the right move for Minnesota. Lunt says regulated markets only promote the use of marijuana among young people. She adds Colorado has more dispensaries than Starbucks and McDonalds combined.” (March 12, 2019)








  • A”T2T” Message for Maple Grove Parents, Teens Patch covered the launch of ” T2T” at the Maple Grove High School (April 24, 2012)
  • Survey finds young adult alcohol use in Hennepin County going down: Sun Post ran an article on our Young Adult Alcohol Survey
  • Youth Alcohol Survey: Partnership for Change was on Channel 12 with results from our Young Adult Alcohol Survey


  • Coalition gets grant to fight youth drug abuse, The goal of the Partnership for Change Coalition is to help mobilize parents, youth and community leaders to take a stand against drug and alcohol use in Northwest Hennepin County (November, 4, 2008)