March Meeting Minutes

  • LeeAnn Mortensen, North Memorial Health (Healthcare)
  • Renee Gust, Hennepin Co. Services & Public Health Dept. (State/Local Gov’t)
  • Ryan Gastecki, Hennepin Co. Environment & Energy Dept. (State/Local Gov’t)
  • Teresa Lunt (Parent)
  • Krista Brenno, Osseo High School (Schools)
  • Grant Smith, Maple Grove Police Dept. (Law Enforcement)
  • Marie Maslowski, North Memorial Health (Healthcare)
  • Camryn Krause Ferris, Joint Community Police Partnership, Crystal (State/Local/Gov’t)
  • Miamon Queeglay, Joint Community Police Partnership, Brooklyn Center (State/Local/Gov’t)
  • Amber Smith, North Memorial/PFC
Steering Committee Members Not in Attendance
  • Jen Holper, PrairieCare (Healthcare)
  • Randi Ordner, PrairieCare (Youth Serving Organization)
  • Nicole Herlofsky, Fairview Behavioral Services (Other Substance Abuse Organization)
  • Lauren Prnjat, Hennepin Regional Poison Center (Other Substance Abuse Organization)
  • Shane Mikkelson, Osseo Police Dept. (Law Enforcement)
  • Lorry Day, Life Lines for Youth (Business)
  • Jessica Wong Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation (Other Substance Abuse Organization)
Welcome & Introductions

Teresa called the meeting to order. Attendees introduced themselves and shared and briefly explained a favorite picture from their phone. A motion was made and seconded to approve the February meeting minutes. Motion carried.

CADCA Leadership Forum Takeaways

Amber briefly shared takeaways from CADCA’s Leadership Forum. Materials shared included:

  • “About CADCA” coalitions infographic
  • SAMHSA’s Prevention Day agenda packet and current alcohol statistics
  • SAMHA’s Prevention Resources for Building Healthier Communities, specifically noting on page 15 Marijuana Facts: A Toolkit for Parents, Community Leaders, and Employers (coming soon)
  • NABCA alcohol resource packet and contact person
  • CADCA Partners

Amber shared an email from Chief Mikkelson, who could not make it to the meeting: I took away from the conference that we, as a group, are doing the right things. We need to be sharing our knowledge and experiences. I believe our work with Place of Last Drink and marijuana prevention is cutting-edge and supported by research. It was interesting to find out how much of a public safety emergency the legalization of marijuana has created in other states.

ACTION ITEM: Amber will share SAMHSA’s Marijuana Toolkit when published.

Marijuana Educational Event – Review Attendee List

Amber asked the coalition if we should provide some takeaway materials for the marijuana education event attendees; such as: printed agenda and speaker bios, event evaluation, PowerPoint slides, one-pager from each presentation. It was suggested we do not include PowerPoint slides but a link to the presentations prior to the event. It was also suggested we include a summary of the drafted bill in Minnesota.

Coalition members asked if there is a volunteer list that people can start signing up for to help leading up to and during the event. Amber has started a list and will ask the planning committee for further suggestions. The list will be sent out with meeting minutes asking for people to sign up for tasks.

ACTION ITEM: Amber will contact each speaker to begin developing a one-pager on event takeaways. Contact Amber if interested in helping.

Opioid Overdose Prevention – Summary & Next Steps

Renee, LeeAnn, Teresa, Camryn, Jeff, Amber, Shane, and Paula attending a learning workshop at North Market with Kate Erickson earlier this month. Kate works for MN Dept. of Health under the Injury Prevention program and manages the Opioid Dashboard – a one-stop shop for opioid related data and information. The group concluded that two hours was not enough to learn about the dashboard and resources available to us as prevention professionals. Amber passed around handouts from the workshop:

  • Drug overdose death data for Hennepin Co residents 2000 – 2016
  • Prescribing patterns for Hennepin Co 2014 – 16
  • Links and resources for Hennepin Co (e.g. safe disposal, syringe access, naloxone, treatment, rule 25, data and information, community resources, recovery supports)
  • Actions to address the opioid epidemic that we discussed
Community Partner Sharing

Amber shared that MPRC is asking anyone who works on prevention to take this survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NYMMW5N. By completing the survey, you will be eligible for entry into a prize drawing for an Amazon Fire tablet!

Contact Amber if interested in attending “Unpacking Evaluation” (see more here and to register: https://goo.gl/ntf6Z1) with Dr. Geary, held in Sauk Rapids on April 18 – 19th. Cost is $50.

Adjourned at 4 PM

Next Meeting is: Tuesday, May 8th at 2p at Maple Grove Gov’t Center, Mayor’s Conference Room

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