January Meeting Minutes

  • Lorry Day, Life Lines for Youth (Business)
  • Teresa Lunt (Parent)
  • Randi Ordner, PrairieCare (Youth Serving Organization)
  • Renee Gust, Hennepin Co. Services & Public Health Dept. (State/Local Gov’t)
  • Dustin Chapman, Fairview Behavioral Services (Other Substance Abuse Organization)
  • Grant Smith, Maple Grove Police Dept. (Law Enforcement)
  • Linda Gieser, Robbinsdale Police Dept. (Law Enforcement)
  • Casey Landherr, Robbinsdale Police Dept. (Law Enforcement)
  • LeeAnn Mortensen, North Memorial Health (Healthcare)
  • Donny Shope, Anthony Louis Center (Other Substance Abuse Organization)
  • Lindsey Smith, MN Prevention Resource Center (State/Local/Gov’t)
  • Camryn Krause Ferris, Joint Community Police Partnership, Crystal (State/Local/Gov’t)
  • Miamon Queeglay, Joint Community Police Partnership, Brooklyn Center (State/Local/Gov’t)
  • Amber Smith, North Memorial/PFC
Steering Committee Members Not in Attendance
  • Marie Maslowski, North Memorial Health (Healthcare)
  • Jen Holper, PrairieCare (Healthcare)
  • Krista Brenno, Osseo High School (Schools)
  • Lauren Prnjat, Hennepin Regional Poison Center (Other Substance Abuse Organization)
  • Jessica Wong Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation (Other Substance Abuse Organization)
  • Shane Mikkelson, Osseo Police Dept. (Law Enforcement)
Welcome & Introductions

Teresa called the meeting to order. Attendees introduced themselves and shared their favorite travel destination. A motion was made and seconded to approve the December meeting minutes. Motion carried.

PFC Jeopardy & Action Items for 2018

Attendees divided into two teams to play a round of PFC Jeopardy (see game here). The purpose of the brief, fun activity was to remind members of PFC’s projects, history, data, and who we are. Following the game, Amber shared PFC’s action plan for 2018-19. This was recently edited to follow PFC’s sustainability plan that was finalized last year. PFC is currently funded by Drug-Free Communities, which concludes September of 2019. Amber submitted the last continuation application in January, which included the action plan. Attendees read through and discussed objectives from the action plan. Miamon suggested we reach out to each school district Equity Team to learn more about their work. Amber briefly shared updates from the Medicine Abuse Prevention Workgroup. Attendees had questions regarding the MN Prescription Monitoring Program.

ACTION ITEM: Amber will contact Kate Erickson (Opioid Overdose Prevention, MN Dept of Health) on a date to present. Amber will follow-up with Miamon & Camryn regarding district Equity Teams.

The Cole Memo – Update & Discussion

Teresa shared updates on the Cole Memo. The Dept of Justice rescinded the memo last week. State US Attorneys are now allowed to exercise discretion in going after marijuana cases in their jurisdiction. The new memo will not call for arresting users or others with low-level involvement in marijuana, but instead makes investing in the marijuana industry a risky move (see more from Smart Approaches to Marijuana).

Adjourned at 4 PM

Next Meeting is: Tuesday, February 13th at 2 PM at Maple Grove Gov’t Center, Mayor’s Conference Room

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