Partnership for Change is working with agencies to collect data on the place of last drink for DUI and other offenders. We want to help communities and retailers take appropriate action to reduce overservice to young adults. One of the options for using the Place of Last Drink (POLD) data is implementing Retail Alcohol Vendor Education & Enforcement (RAVE), which involves a team visiting retailers identified as the place of last drink to provide education, recommendations, and resources for responsible serving practices.

The goal of POLD is to identify patterns of alcohol use that lead to law enforcement response and calls for service, which will allow departments to analyze areas of concern. Partnership for Change:

  • Maintain a database to track POLD incidents, on an annual basis, and report findings to participating departments
  • Communicate quarterly with law enforcement regarding alcohol establishments that pose a concern in the community
  • Strategize with local law enforcement on an on-going basis to work with identified alcohol establishments
  • Encourage RAVE training, recommendations, and resources to identified alcohol establishments to improve serving practices, as needed.

Partnership for Change, along with local law enforcement partners, launched POLD in February 2014. While Partnership for Change serves northwest Hennepin County, the POLD online data system is available to be used by any law enforcement department in Minnesota. Contact us for more information or visit POLD website.

Place of Last Drink Steering Committee:
James Long, Community Relations Officer Plymouth Police Department
Shane Mikkelson, Chief Osseo Police Department
Tara Helm, Partnership for Change Coordinator