Marijuana Perception of Harm

Youth who believe marijuana is harmful are less likely to use it than youth who believe it is not harmful. Minnesota Student Survey 2016 found that youth marijuana perception of harm is decreasing (1), marijuana was least likely to be seen as harmful, or that parents or peers would disapprove.

Our goal is to implement best practice programs to increase perception of harm which in turn, reduces marijuana use.

Our objectives are:

  • Educate city, county, state, and federal policymakers on harmful impact of youth marijuana use and the public health implications (see information here on the marijuana symposium).
  • Ensure that school curriculum contains information on the harmful impact of marijuana use.
  • Promote educational opportunities to community members, including parents and caregivers, on harmful impact of youth marijuana use and public health implications.

1. From 2013 to 2016, 8th grade: 10.2% decrease; 9th grade: 8.5% decrease; 11th grade: 6.6% decrease