Marijuana Symposium

On April 26, 2018, Hazelden, Partnership for Change, North Memorial Health, and Partners in Prevention sponsored a sold out marijuana symposium to educate policy makers, community leaders and health care experts about the impact marijuana can have on communities. National speakers discussed the insights and learnings from other states who have already legalized marijuana for recreational use. Experts covered a range of topics, including common marijuana myths, ways legalization has impacted Colorado and the current state of marijuana legalization. Speakers included (click on each name for presentation slides):

The purpose of the event was to ensure that facts and science are considered when discussing legalizing marijuana for recreational use. In Colorado, marijuana for recreational use became legal in January 2014. Since that time, researchers have compiled data that shows the impact legalization has had on health care utilization (increase in marijuana-related ER visits, increase in marijuana-related calls to the Colorado Poison Center), law enforcement (increase in DUI arrests contributed to marijuana, increase in marijuana-related arrests among juveniles) and business impact (cost implications of marijuana-related accidents, injuries and workplace absenteeism).

See media clips on the event here and here.

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