Coalition Member Spotlight: Marie Maslowski

Coalition Member Spotlight: Marie Maslowski, RN, MPH
Community Health Outreach Manager, North Memorial Health



What attracted you to join Partnership for Change?

M: I have been involved with Partnership for Change since the beginning. Alison Pence, who was the Injury Prevention Coordinator at North Memorial at the time, brought a group of us together to look at the data around alcohol and drug use among youth and admission to the ED at North. The purpose was to decide if we were going to apply for a Federal grant to address alcohol and drug use among youth in the community. I liked the idea of a community based coalition working together to try and prevent alcohol and drug use. Many community organizations were and still are represented in Partnership for Change. I both work and live in the community so this work is not just professional but is also personal.  Prevention is key.

What PFC accomplishment are you particularly proud of?

M: There have been so many wonderful activities that Partnership for Change has been involved with. However, I think the most important thing is raising community awareness around the issue of alcohol and drug use among youth in our community and providing opportunities for discussion. Partnership for Change has been the impetus for community discussions around alcohol and drug use among youth which has lead to movement.

What is one tip you have for caregivers?

M: Keep the lines of communication open. Begin talking to the youth in your life early. I have a 16 year old daughter who is a junior at a local high school and I began talking with her about safe behaviors, sex, alcohol and drug use early in her life. When she was younger, in elementary school, the discussions started at an age appropriate level. She learned early on how I felt about risky behavior, alcohol and drug use, and responsible behavior. This has lead to a lifelong discussion without embarrassment. Kids need to know that you will be there for them and listen to their questions and concerns.

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